The Search For the Ultimate Movie Franchise
March 24, 2023

Leprechaun Origins and Leprechaun Returns Movie Discussion

Leprechaun Origins and Leprechaun Returns Movie Discussion
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Welcome back to Franchise Me! This week we enter the Warwick-less section of the franchise and welcome back Producer Tony to the podcast as we continue our journey and break down the last two “Leprechaun” films, Leprechaun Origins and Leprechaun Returns. We discuss how bad “Origins” truly is, the pleasant surprise of “Returns” and take a brief side step to run down all of the films made by WWE studios. Share your thoughts and opinions with us on Twitter and Instagram @FranchiseMePod, see our rankings on Letterboxed (FranchiseMe) and email us at Keep an eye out for our monthly bonus series "A Year in Franchises" where we break down all the franchises that came out in a specific year. Check out our website to see all of our episodes and more.